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As the UK government increases its restrictive measures on society to help slow the spread of Covid-19, BCVA have produced guidelines for farm vets. As a practice we aim to follow these guidelines to protect our clients/staff and help reduce the burden on the NHS. Please find attached information regarding new measures that have been put into place at SWFV.

We kindly ask that no clients enter the office. Please call first to discuss any potential visits/drug collection. The reason for the visit will be discussed over the phone initially. If it is deemed essential for the vet to see the animal a visit will be arranged. If a visit is not essential, we will give advice over the phone and medication can be dispensed and administered by the client.

If you are experiencing any symptoms such as a fever or dry cough or if you are self-isolating for any reason, please notify us when you first phone the office.

Medication Collection

Medicine can still be dispensed for collection at the office. It will be placed in our medicine collection box outside of the office. If you are collecting fridge drugs please call us on the office phone line when you arrive in the car park, we will then move your medication from the fridge to the medication collection box.

Medication supplies do not seem to be reduced however the deliveries have been affected. Please allow extra time for orders to arrive at the office as we may only receive 2-3 orders a week. This is due to staff shortage in the delivery transport.

We will NOT be dispensing medication from Maes Glas Vets at this moment in time. They are also trying to reduce their contact with non-essential persons.

Essential visits

If a visit is deemed necessary, we ask only a single member of farm staff be present. We have been advised to maintain a minimum 2 metre (about the length of a cow!) distance between vet and farmer. Try to ensure that this one member of staff does not fall into the vulnerable person category.

We will try to avoid animals being brought into the office if possible.

Our vets will be based primarily at home; only visiting the practice to collect medicines, sterilise equipment etc.

TB Testing

It is the current view of APHA that compulsory TB testing continues as per normal. However, this does now need to be carried out whilst respecting the 2metre distance rule. This may mean tests will take longer than usual. Please be patient with us whilst we respect the guidelines given to us.

BCVA and APHA have advised us that if it is not possible to perform a TB test, due to illness (Farmer or Vet) or inability to adhere to the 2m distance rule, we can delay the test or part of the test.

BCVA have also clarified with APHA that farmers will receive an amnesty on financial penalties, if the test has to be postponed, rearranged or abandoned directly due to COVID-19.

Please contact APHA to notify them of the delay including the reasons for it.

Current advice from APHA can be found by clicking on the COVID-19 banner on the homepage of the TB hub website.

We are waiting for further instructions with regard to premovement Tb tests.

As ever, this is a situation which is changing daily, and we will endeavour to keep our clients as up to date as possible. Again, we thank you for your patience in these difficult times.

South Wales Farm Vets are a dedicated farm animal practice across South East Wales.

The practice has evolved from the merger of Maes Glas Vets and Park Vets farm animal departments, established in 2017.

For over a 100 years the individual practices have worked with many generations of farmers becoming integral members of those farm teams.

Now we are a team of 7 farm enthusiasts who all live within the immediate locality. This is crucial when handling emergency work. We are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Our office is based in Groesfaen near Pontyclun, right in the middle of all our clients, we are only 2 minutes off junction 34 of the motorway. You can do drug pick ups and sample drop offs here, but also at all branches of both parent practices.